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Prof. Zhenbin Zhang

Shan Dong University

Brief introduction:

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Zhenbin Zhang (Senior Member of IEEE) graduated from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. He obtained his doctoral degree in electrical engineering with the dissertation of  "On Control of Grid-Tied Back-to-Back Power Converters and PMSG Wind Turbine Systems" at the grade of "Summa Cum Laude" (Highest Distinction). From Jan. 2015 to Nov. 2017, he worked at the Institute for Electrical Drive Systems and Power Electronics (EAL of TUM), as a Researcher Associate, Research Fellow, and Team Leader, etc. He won VDE Award in 2017. In Dec. 2017, Dr. Zhang joined Shandong University full-time as a professor, Ph.D. supervisor, and was elected as a "Qilu Young Scholar". In 2018, he received "August-Wilhelm Scheer Visiting Professor" Award and was appointed as Visiting Professor (W2) at the Technical University of Munich, Germany. He was selected as a ''TUM-IAS-Fellow''. In 2019, Prof. Zhang was appointed as a "National Distinguished Expert", supported by the "Youth Talent Plan" program.

Prof. Zhang has been engaged in predictive control and its applications in the fields of renewable energy generation and electrical drives for many years. He has participated in several projects of the German Research Foundation (DFG), achieved series of original contributions. In recent years, his monograph has been accepted by Springer-Verlag (to appear in 2019).  More than 70 papers has been accepted and published in prestigious international journals and conferences, among which over 20 are SCI papers, and more than 10 are published by Q1 top SCI journals. He delievered more than 10 invited talks inter/nationally and two tutorials for IEEE conferences in the USA and South Korea. He was selected as the Technical Program Chair and co-Chair for IEEE-PRECEDE-2019, and IEEE-PRECEDE-2021, respectively. He serves as an Associate Editor for IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics (SCI Q1, IF, 7.05).

Speech Title: Predictive Control for Renewable Energy Conversions and Motor Drives

Abstract: Model predictive control (MPC) has attracted increasing attention in the area of power electronics and motor drives due to its simple concept, fast transient response, and flexibility in incorporating various constraints. Therefore, this report is intended to expound the development, principle, and application of MPC in renewable energy conversions and motor drives. It will also explain recent solutions to several issues that were related to MPC in the past. Areas of focus include: (a) computationally efficient MPC strategies, (b) model-free predictive control for robustness improvement.


Prof. Yaping Zhao

Northeastern University

Brief introduction:

Dr. Yaping Zhao is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering in Northeastern University China. He received his M.Sc. in 2002 and Ph.D. in 2005, all in mechanical engineering. His research interests lie in Meshing Theory for Mechanical Transmissions, Research and development of novel types of gear drive, Engineering Differential Geometry and so on.

His academic titles include: New Century Excellent Talent Awarded by Chinese Ministry of Education, Excellent Talent in Institutions of Higher Learning in Liaoning Province, Jianlong specially-appointed professor of Northeastern University China, Leading talent of Shenyang, Promising Young Person of Science and Technology of University, etc.

As corresponding or first author, Dr. Zhao has published more than 30 papers in the international SCI journals, for example Mechanism and machine theory, ASME journal of Mechanical Design, Computer-Aided Design, Applied Mathematical Modelling, International Journal of Mechanical Sciences, Journal of Vibration and Control, Proc. IMechE C JMES, Forschung im Ingenieurwesen, Tribology Transactions, and Science China Technological Sciences. He was invited several times to contribute special chapter for the monograph in the book series of mechanisms and machine science published by Springer. He was repeatedly rewarded for best paper by the academic community and government agency.

He won China Production-Study-Research Cooperation Innovation Prize. Dr. Zhao holds 4 China patents on the worm drive invention. Dr. Zhao made oral presentation on many international academic conferences on gearing, for instance PTG in the U.S., MPT of JMSE in Japan, IGC in France, ICG in Munich of Germany, EuCoMeS in European, MTM & Robotics in Romania, and IFToMM world congress. Moreover Dr. Zhao often served as session chair and contribution reviewer for these conferences. Dr. Zhao presided over a lot of scientific research projects on gearing, whose representative supporter is NSFC. Dr. Zhao is a senior member of CMES and a member of ASME. He serves as the deputy chairperson of the TC of gearing and transmissions in IFToMM and the research grant proposal assessor in the field of gear drive for many institutes who manage the scientific research fund. He also serves as the reviewer for a number of international SCI journals, and the editorial board member of Mechanical Engineering Technology and Advances in Computational Design.



Assoc Prof. Jun Xu

Wuhan University of Technology

Brief introduction:

In recent years, he has been engaged in the research work of pneumatic transmission control, mechanical and electronic integration projects, and has presided over 1 national project, 3 provincial projects and 6 enterprises projects. His research achievements are accumulated in the area of pneumatic transmission control and environmental protection equipment development. He has published 36 papers in the core journals. He has got 3 national invention patents and 11 national utility model patents. 

Speech Title:Networked Control and Digital Design Techniques Applied in Automotive and Industrial Fields

Abstract: With the rapid development of communication technology, networked control and digital design techniques have been widely used in various fields, especially in the automotive and mechanical fields. In the interior of the car, it has developed from the traditional electronic control to the network control. Vehicle communication network and intelligent driving control are the core technologies of the car. By adopting virtual reality technology, we can quickly develop new products and experience their performance. In the mechanical field, micro size mechanical & electrical products are the future development direction. The research and development of MEMS devices cannot be implemented without digital design technology. Application of these techniques can accelerate the development and iterative update of products. Related products have been widely used in civil aviation, medical, military and other fields. In addition, the digital experiment management system based on digital design technique can display the experimental results transparently and intuitively, as well as manage the experimental data effectively. It can be predicted that in the near future, these techniques will also in other industries.